Parker Mountain

Parker Mountain,  Acton CA
Santa Anas means hill of hills

Parker has 75 pilots with pb's for this hill
111/16/14S. Lisenby395Kinetic 2M DP/K2M
204/30/11B. Tebo372Dynamic 80/D80
304/17/16S. Boshard359Kinetic 2M DP/K2M
401/23/11J. Lilly342Thundertaker T-Tail
501/23/11C. Bosley317Dynamic 80/D80
602/08/16J. Loreto308Dynamic 80/D80
712/02/06K. Paulson302Extreme 100
810/22/07I. Frechette281Opus MC3
912/23/11R. Gross275Dynamic 80/D80
1012/09/08A. Foster262Opus MCT
1111/07/08M. Desantis260Opus MCT
1212/22/11D. Messiha253Dynamic 80/D80
1312/04/05J. Wurts250Extreme 100
1409/23/06J. Zepeda250Kinetic 60
1505/23/07N. Stong241Blast 54
1611/24/07J. Buxton240Opus MCT
1710/26/03G. Legerton232Opus MC3
1811/15/05N. Hull217Opus W-2C
1911/30/08S. Deputy217Bird C 58
2001/05/06P. Bowman214Thundertaker



Starting point: Junction of I-5 and the Antelope Valley Fwy. (SR-14): Go N on SR-14 23.5 mi. to Crown Valley Rd and turn RIGHT. Go S on Crown Valley Rd, 1.3 mi. to Escondido Canyon Rd. and turn RIGHT. Go W on Escondido Canyon Rd. 0.3 mi. to Hubbard Rd and turn LEFT. Go W on Hubbard Rd. 2 mi. Hughes Canyon Rd. and turn LEFT. Go S on Hughes Canyon Rd. for 0.4 mi. to Parker Mountain Motorway (dirt) and turn LEFT. Go SE on Parker