Weldon Hill  Lake Isabella CA
The most DS'd hill in the world!

Weldon has 120 pilots with pb's
112/22/2015Spencer Lisenby513Kinetic 130 DP/K130
211/22/2014Bruce Tebo505Kinetic 130 DP/K130
34/15/2013Joe Manor483Dynamic 130
412/22/2015Alan Cocconi462Kinetic 2M DP/K2M
54/15/2013Jason Lilly453Kinetic 130 DP/K130
65/21/2010John Buxton445Kinetic 100 DP/K100
79/22/2016Brandon Keily429Kinetic 130 DP/K130
84/15/2013Joe Zwart407Dynamic 130
94/15/2013Nick Stong403Thundertaker
105/21/2010Marlan Muir402Kinetic 100 DP/K100
114/22/2014Gregg Bolton402Kinetic 2M DP/K2M
124/13/2011Sean Moloney397Deepend
134/23/2016Sandro Bosshard397Kinetic 130 DP/K130
144/23/2016Marcus Minger395Kinetic 130 DP/K130
154/14/2013Mike Dantonio388Kinetic 100 DP/K100
165/21/2010Chris Bosley380Dynamic 80/D80
174/13/2011Astan Singh380Dynamic 80/D80
184/22/2014Kyle Dahl373Kinetic 2M DP/K2M
194/25/2016Alex Hewson372Kinetic 130 DP/K130
205/19/2016Heiko Herling371Kinetic 130 DP/K130

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Jarred Roberts - Weldon 2012 Video
Weldon, the International  DS  fest 2012, 400 mph Dynamic Soaring,  slow-motion  heavy landings, 
Carbon furballs, slow-motion  DLG launches,  crews from south of the equator, Europe, California,
Colorado and a high speed ride from Kernville to Weldon captured with an artist flare seldom seen
in Dynamic Soaring Videos.                                                     (Download the Video -  Weldon_2012.mov)


Watch as four  pilots  fly  the incredible  ThunderMaster at  Weldon California to a maximum
speed of 425mph. If you watch the video you'll notice that the radar measurements taken at
the  top of the hill where the  microphone is only get's a 413mph or 418mph  but  the actual
top speed  reached was 425mph and measured at a lower part of the hill.                            
 Download high resolution 427MB, right mouse click and choose save as,   (The Incredible ThunderMaster)