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Wing Span: 2850 mm
Wing Area: HN-785TC
Wing Foil: HN785TC Pro.        
Length : 1450 mm
Tail : T - Tail
Config : Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder
Weight : 2400+ g
Top 21 speeds for this airplane
1M. Pramstrahler256Italy (unamed spot) Jun 6 2009
2D. Metz221South Wales May 13 2005
3C. Bosley206Weldon Apr 30 2016
4J. Buxton205Weldon Mar 6 2009
5T. Vu200Weldon Mar 29 2009
6J. Mnich200South Wales Oct 1 2006
7T. Harris198Bandicoot Ridge May 25 2011
8M. Muir196Weldon Mar 6 2009
9J. Ufer196Weldon Mar 6 2009
10B. Banker196Weldon Jan 25 2009
11N. Stong193Mt Zion Dec 23 2007
12M. Desantis182Weldon Mar 6 2009
13M. Anderson181Weldon Feb 8 2009
14K. Seidenstricker159Weldon Oct 19 2008
15J. Mueller155Weldon Nov 7 2009
16J. ho Kim155Mt.Hwang-geum Dec 4 2005
17B. Thurner133Monte Lema Jun 3 2009
18S. Chaldecott124Weldon Jul 20 2008
19C. Erdahl109Bills Hill Aug 9 2014
20B. Tebo95Heaven Nov 3 2010


The NYX F3F is one of the best medium DS speed planes, an F3F winner, and it's exceptionally smooth in the rough air. For more information visit Icare in Canada, aviogate.com in Europe, f3x in the United States and the manufactures web site, Bretamodel.  This is an outstanding all around DS/Acro DS plane, front side ripper and one of the best racers. If you want a large carbon plane that is one of the most stable, solid air frames up to 180mph DSing and absolutely tears up the front side then this is your machine!  If you want one that's been proven to over 250mph make a few calls search around and you may be able to get your hands on brand new NYX Atomic built specifically to DS and already proven to over 250mph!


Aerodynamically computer optimized and designed, it represents the results of the combination of the top pilots and designers know how, which lead to a model far beyond the current top racing sailplanes. A true CAD/CAM design. Every part CNC machined for perfect accuracy and best airfoil efficiency. Kit comes very complete with a two piece wing system a huge square carbon joiner, electrical wiring, ballast and hardware.  CHECK THESE OUT!

High Resolution avi files :First you will need these DivX Encoders http://www.divx.com/divx/download/ if you don't already have an encoder.  74mbNYX@Parker.avi These same files are available onRCGroups.com in separate smaller chunks. The NYX gets up to 150mph in light winds at Parker.