JW 60
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Wing Span: 60
Wing Foil:
Tail : Tailess
Config : Elevons
Weight : 40*120 oz

 The JW was designed specificly for Dynamic Soaring and is one of the staples of Dynamic Soaring today. Joe Wurts designed the airfoil to maximize the speed and performance of Dynamic Soaring with an EPP wing. This plane has the torsional strength to withstand the high speeds achieved while DS'ing with the durability of an EPP plane. Excellent plane for acrobatics and the front side too!

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Checkout this awesome video of a JW Furball...

Download the original high resolution 215MB version here, right mouse click and choose save as, (JW Furball Flight)  IF your computer skips when playing this video you may want to try the FREE VLC Media player at http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ which will play virtually anything with low overhead.