Glass Destiny
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Wing Span: 54"
Wing Area: 292 sq. in
Wing Loading: 11 oz. sq. ft.
Wing Foil: RG15                
Length : 31.5"
Tail : V - Tail
Config : Ailerons, Rudervators
Weight : 19oz +

The 1.4 meter Destiny is a fun little sloper. Weighing in around 24 oz and fully hollow molded, this glider packs a lot of potential on those light lift inland slopes. However, thanks to it's one-piece wing design and amazingly stout carbon spar, the Destiny is incredibly strong, and will RIP IT UP in big air.

The Destiny is also known as the "Micro Floh XL" in Europe, and has earned a great reputation. Check out the videos on our site to see the Destiny in action!

Because the Destiny is less than 60", it fits in most vehicles without having to remove the wing. Bring it with you on road trips!