Dynamic 60/D60
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Wing Span: 60"
Wing Foil: JM26-Custom
Tail : X - Tail
Config : Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator
Weight :

The ultra strong Dynamic 60" includes a heavily laid up kevlar fuselage, making it 2.4 friendly. Also includes CNC machined control horns, ballast kit, wing bolt, and pins for tail group. For a 60" glider, this model is tough to beat!
Dynamic 60" Build Thread

Get yours from manormodels.com or in the UK sloperacer.co.uk


The foil on the Dynamic 60 has been designed to perform at speeds well over 300mph and be capable of setting 60" Dynamic Soaring records, and also shred as a front side as a sport/racing model. Using the Dynamic line of proven construction techniques, this model is incredibly strong and there is no doubt that it can dominate the skies in any kind of conditions.

As with many Dynamic models, it can handle and loves large amounts of ballast. This model will come alive as the conditions get more, and more extreme and you pile on the Lead. If you’re after something that can take you up to serious DS speeds, and still be versatile enough to shred up the front side in anything from moderate to enormous conditions, the D60 could be the model for you.



360 mph!! Watch the sixty inch and the D60 record get tied at Norco.