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This plane is solid!!! Not only does this plane feel like it's made of steel but it’s 2.4GZ friendly and it's the most affordable plane that can reach speeds of over 400mph! Everything on this model has been designed for massive 400mph+ DS performance from the custom Joe Wurts designed foil, the ultra huge spar, an enormous ballast area, stiff control surfaces, room for massive high torque fitting servos and even an ultra strong linkage design. The Dynamic 80 is the fastest 80 inch model in the world and holds the 80” Dynamic Soaring Record with an incredible speed of 380mph!

This is a plane can easily cruise to speeds over 300mph. In the past to get planes up to 300mph, 350mph and faster the pilot had to have huge conditions, ninja thumbs and nerves of steel. This plane comes alive after 250mph! Dynamic Soaring Pilots will tell you that this plane, “locks in” at higher speeds. Despite extreme Dynamic Soaring performance this plane will fly in light conditions of under 20mph, a truly versatile model.

When you purchase this plane be sure and take full advantage of Joe Manor’s knowledge and experience and build your model to his 400mph+ specification by visiting his Dynamic 80 build thread.  Dynamic 80" build thread.

One of the early Dynamic 80's comes out of the bowl at Weldon California.


Watch as Bruce Tebo fly's the D80 to well over 300mph at Weldon California as low as I've seen on video.
The plane can be seen just a few feet over the ground at these speeds and a few laps are inverted.

John Buxton, Chris Bosley, Spencer Deputy and Nathen Woods all fly a 200oz D80 in moderate
conditions at Weldon. This video alos includes the lauch.

Dynamic soaring the dynamic 80 on the skirrid in England...