All the American Pilots we have on RCSpeeds
200 PB's
#DatePilotSpeedModelLocationRCS WitnessRadarNotes
1Dec 22 2015 Spencer Lisenby513Kinetic 130 DP/K130 Weldon Alan Cocconi Stalker Pro II Designer/Builder/Owner
2Nov 22 2014 Bruce Tebo505Kinetic 130 DP/K130 Weldon Alan Cocconi Stalker Pro II Builder/Owner
3Apr 15 2013 Joe Manor483Dynamic 130 Weldon Bruce Tebo Falcon Designer/Builder/Owner
4Apr 15 2013 Jason Lilly453Kinetic 130 DP/K130 Weldon Mike Dantonio Stalker Pro II Owner
5May 21 2010 John Buxton445Kinetic 100 DP/K100 Weldon Marlan Muir Falcon Past Record/Owner
6Apr 15 2013 Joe Zwart407Dynamic 130 Weldon Nick Stong Falcon Owner
7Feb 2 2011 Chris Bosley405Kinetic 100 DP/K100 Norco Spencer Lisenby Stalker Pro II Borrowed/Spencer Lisenby
8Apr 15 2013 Nick Stong403Thundertaker Weldon Ian Frechette Stalker Pro II Owner
9Apr 22 2014 Gregg Bolton402Kinetic 2M DP/K2M Weldon Spencer Lisenby Stalker Pro II
10May 21 2010 Marlan Muir402Kinetic 100 DP/K100 Weldon Bill Cox Falcon Borrowed/John Buxton
11Apr 14 2013 Mike Dantonio388Kinetic 100 DP/K100 Weldon Dave Williams Falcon Builder/Owner
12Mar 23 2016 Brandon Keily374Kinetic 130 DP/K130 Weldon Spencer Lisenby Stalker Pro II
13Apr 22 2014 Kyle Dahl373Kinetic 2M DP/K2M Weldon Spencer Lisenby Stalker Pro II
14Apr 18 2011 James Duartep365Kinetic 100 DP/K100 Weldon Jason Lilly Stalker Pro II Builder/Owner
15Oct 16 2012 Ian Frechette352Wizard Compact DSX Jones Pass Nick Stong Falcon
16Nov 16 2013 Marty Hill350Kinetic 130 DP/K130 Weldon Ted Fraughton Stalker Pro II
17Apr 5 2010 Brett Banker346Dynamic 80/D80 Weldon Marlan Muir Falcon Borrowed/John Buxton
18Apr 22 2014 Spencer Deputy345Dynamic 80/D80 Weldon Bobby Brown Stalker Pro II
19Oct 24 2010 Paul Anderson339Dynamic 80/D80 Weldon Gregg Bolton Falcon Builder/Owner
20Apr 22 2014 Daxton Self337Dynamic 80/D80 Weldon Bobby Brown Stalker Pro II
21Dec 22 2009 Matt Desantis337Thundertaker Weldon John Buxton Falcon Owner
22Apr 26 2012 Frank Slaughter335Kinetic 100 DP/K100 Weldon Chris Bosley Falcon
23Nov 28 2016 Dominic Messiha332Dynamic 80/D80 Weldon Rich Gryde Stalker Pro
24Apr 28 2010 Vernon Anderson328Dynamic 80/D80 Weldon Bill Cox Falcon Builder/Owner
25Apr 7 2011 James Mueller318Dynamic 60/D60 Carrizo Gorge Jason Lilly Falcon Builder/Owner
26Apr 25 2016 Mark Chung313Kinetic 2M DP/K2M Weldon Dominic Messiha Falcon
27Oct 10 2008 Joe Zepeda311Thundertaker Weldon John Buxton Falcon Borrowed/John Buxton
28Dec 31 2007 Dennis Noland308Typhoon 100 Three Rocks Norm Mertke Not Posted Builder/Owner
29Feb 8 2016 Jordan Loreto308Dynamic 80/D80 Parker Spencer Lisenby Stalker Pro II
30Oct 24 2010 Seth Penery303Dynamic 80/D80 Weldon Paul Anderson Falcon
31Dec 2 2006 Kyle Paulson302Extreme 100 Parker Joe Zepeda Not Posted Builder/Owner
32Jan 5 2007 Doug Rubin301Extreme 100 Norco Brett Banker Not Posted Owner
33Jan 16 2008 Ken Gregory301Shockwave DS Three Rocks Dennis Noland Not Posted Designer/Builder/Owner
34Apr 20 2008 Gary Legerton300Shockwave DS Weldon John Buxton Stalker Pro Borrowed/John Buxton
35Apr 28 2016 Lars Berg300Dynamic 80/D80 Weldon Chuck Erdahl Stalker Pro II
36Oct 21 2007 Mike Simon297Opus MC3 Norco John Buxton Not Posted BB
37May 21 2008 Avery Adinauer297Opus MCT Goat Rock Mike Simon Stalker Pro Mike Simon
38May 3 2009 Aaron Foster295Opus MCT Weldon Tony Vu Not Posted Tony Vu
39Dec 6 2009 Chris Brooksby295Dynamic 80/D80 Mars Hill Gregg Bolton Falcon
40May 21 2010 Tim Williams293Dynamic 80/D80 Weldon Bill Cox Falcon Borrowed/John Buxton
41Apr 26 2016 Scott Magner292Kinetic 2M DP/K2M Weldon Ian Frechette Falcon
42Jun 4 2008 Scott Ashforth288Opus MC3 Weldon John Buxton Falcon John Buxton
43Dec 31 2007 Norm Mertke288Kamikaze 2.5M Three Rocks Dennis Noland Not Posted DN
44May 3 2009 Tony Vu287Opus MCT Weldon Aaron Foster Not Posted Aaron . Foster
45Nov 28 2007 Donald Lee276Opus MC3 Three Rocks Not Posted NM
46Jan 23 2006 Mickey Crawley276STORM X Three Rocks Not Posted Dennis Noland
47Dec 23 2011 Ray Gross275Dynamic 80/D80 Parker Dominic Messiha Not Posted
48Jul 17 2016 Colby Dyksman272Kinetic 2M DP/K2M Eagle Mt Daxton Self Stalker Pro II
49May 27 2013 Stu Chaldecott271Dynamic 80/D80 Weldon Bruce Tebo Falcon
50Mar 22 2009 Bill Lorenz270Dynamic 80/D80 Mars Hill Joe Manor Not Posted Joe Manor
Note: To make this list you must be a pilot associated with this country and
have a speed posted for a location within this country.