All the Japanese Pilots we have on RCSpeeds
5 PB's
#DatePilotSpeedModelLocationRCS WitnessRadarNotes
1Jul 27 2014 Eiji koyama380Kinetic 100 DP/K100 Hatomine Fukushima Kazuo Ojima Stalker Pro II
2Jul 27 2014 Ito Masaya263Opus MCT Hatomine Fukushima Eiji koyama Not Posted
3Jul 27 2014 Kazuo Ojima244Opus MCT Hatomine Fukushima Eiji koyama Stalker Pro II
4Feb 4 2007 Kouji Tada240Opus W-2C Watarase Not Posted Yosinobu Hirota
5Feb 11 2007 Yosinobu Hirota166Opus W-2C Watarase Not Posted Kouji Tada
Note: To make this list you must be a pilot associated with this country and
have a speed posted for a location within this country.