All the German Pilots we have on RCSpeeds
28 PB's
#DatePilotSpeedModelLocationRCS WitnessRadarNotes
1Nov 11 2010 Jaro Ufer329Opus MC3 Lower Saxony Artur Blömker Falcon First 300 + in Gemany
2Nov 11 2010 Artur Blömker285SRTL Lower Saxony Jaro Ufer Falcon
3Feb 10 2009 Hannes Niethammer276Diva-DS Germany Uwe Freitag Stalker Pro
4Jan 31 2008 Dietmar Metz265SRTL Germany Not Posted HN
5Feb 10 2009 Uwe Freitag255Donnerlotte Germany Hannes Niethammer Stalker Pro Hannes Niethammer
6Jan 3 2012 Fabian Schwarz255SRTL Braunschweig Artur Blömker Falcon
7Jul 14 2012 Jochen Linhardt249Kinetic 100 DP/K100 Fischbach Claus Linhardt Falcon
8Jan 31 2008 Joe Mnich242Opus MC3 Germany Not Posted DM
9Aug 13 2008 Daniel Schütz225Gismo Germany Dietmar Metz Stalker Pro Dietmar Metz
10Feb 10 2009 Mark Walz224Donnerlotte Germany Hannes Niethammer Stalker Pro Hannes Niethammer
11Aug 2 2005 Thomas Wacherlin223Payass Norcia Not Posted Stefan Knechtle
12Feb 5 2011 Tim Medhurst219SRTL Lower Saxony Jaro Ufer Falcon
13Jan 17 2007 Marco Meyer213Eliminator Germany Not Posted  
14Jan 19 2007 Michael Bohm211OPUS V Germany Not Posted Artur Blömker
15Jul 12 2012 Carsten Pannusch209Diva-DS Fischbach Claus Linhardt Falcon
16Jul 12 2012 Claus Linhardt206SRTL Fischbach Jochen Linhardt Falcon
17Nov 18 2004 Michael Kislat202SRTL Germany Not Posted  
18Nov 18 2004 Jens Kleinert197Caracho DS Braunschweig Not Posted Artur Blömker
19Mar 21 2004 David Pichler196SRTL Germany Not Posted  
20Jun 11 2009 Jürgen Müller179Skorpion Germany Herbert Donhauser Not Posted
21Jun 26 2007 Jan Wichman179Opus MC3 Germany Not Posted  
22Aug 13 2008 Florian Schütz170Gismo Germany Daniel Schütz Not Posted Daniel Schütz (GER)
23Jun 16 2004 Werner Kislat158Wizard Compact DS Germany Not Posted  
24Jun 26 2006 Peer Schmidt155Bird C 58 Germany Not Posted Günter Groes
25Mar 31 2006 Roland Border154Donner F3B Neumarkt Not Posted Ralph Mittelbach
26Mar 31 2010 Martin Tazl154OPUS V Germany Tim Medhurst Falcon
27Jun 11 2009 Ralph Mittelbach149MURPHY Germany Jürgen Müller Not Posted Jürgen Müller (GER)
28Dec 20 2014 Uwe Heuer135Stormchaser Kallmuth Joerg Duggen Pocket
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