All the Pilot PB's we have on RCSpeeds
31 PB's
15/26/2013Alex Hewson456Kinetic 130 DP/K130
21/5/2019Corrie Hoult319Kinetic 2M DP/K2M
31/16/2017Scott Spooner270Dynamic 80/D80
42/25/2018Jono Ashton264PMS
59/14/2014neal moss256Kinetic 2M DP/K2M
610/12/2013Glenn Couper255Dynamic 60/D60
710/12/2013Kerry Surgison254Dynamic 60/D60
81/13/2019Peter Glassey250PMS2
911/2/2014Peter France209Curvy Scratcho
101/2/2014Dave Pope205PMS
1112/14/2012Andrew Palmer204SCratcho
1210/13/2013Gareth Trubshaw203AFP70
131/1/2013Joe Wurts201Dynamic 80/D80
1412/9/2017Pete Williams180JW 60
156/2/2013Rob Duff178SCratcho
165/6/2006Graeme Avery169Destiny
1710/19/2012Justin Barr167JW 60
187/5/2015Dave Morgan167Windburner
192/24/2007Jonathan Wilson166Reaper 60
202/24/2007Carl Sheppard165Reaper 60
2110/27/2013Eben Brand164Baz IIs
2211/2/2014Dave Griffin147Reaper 60
2311/4/2018Frazer Briggs147Destiny
243/12/2016Richard Knott140JW 60
259/10/2017Nick Hogg133Moth 60
2612/24/2018Cameron Shield129MiniBlade
2711/4/2018Jarrod Briggs127RT 30
2812/14/2012Conrad Klintworth122Jazz 48
2912/24/2018Rob Ward116SCratcho
303/29/2013Stefan Piek100Sawtooth
311/26/2014Neal Blackie92RCRCM Typhoon
Note: To make this list you must be a pilot associated with this country and
have a speed posted for a location within this country.